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What is a sharmbaa shrug?

Shoulders + Arms + Back + And more! = sharmbaa

Yet the sharmbaa shrug goes far beyond this single-look shrug equation. The versatility of its design multiples this concept exponentially making it perfect for today’s active woman. Transform the garment to create your own looks and styles for all the moving parts of your day. It’s a cardigan, a scarf, a wrap, a shawl with sleeves, a shrug with scarf, a belt and a sarong. Each is a uniquely configured expression of itself and you.

Compact and multi-functional, the sharmbaa shrug can journey with you from morning to evening, from the office to unexpected same night theater tickets and beyond, accommodating any shifts in temperature as you move through your day. This rigorous practicality is combined with elegant design, sophisticated fabrics, and an ethereal drape making it perfect for expressing your personal style and mood. Highlight different parts of your body, depending on how you wear it. Change how the sharmbaa shrug is folded to create subtle shifts in shades of fabric and pattern. Wear the sharmbaa shrug as a sleeved garment in an air-conditioned movie theater and as a cape for cappuccino al fresco afterwards.

The sharmbaa shrug invites you to collaborate in the creation of its look. Take a look at our current collection of lovely, comfy and unique shrugs to see how the sharmbaa shrug seamlessly blends utility, femininity and you.