The sharmbaa wrap shrug: Right on Trend for Wedding Season

What could be a smarter marriage of functionality and femininity than a multi-purpose shrug?

Transform your look from day to night, from photoshoot to ceremony to festivities. Drape the sharmbaa wrap shrug around your shoulders at the church for a little modesty. Tuck it away in your purse for pictures in the garden with a hint of sunlit shoulders. Wear it as a sleeved garment for cocktails in an air-conditioned chilled atrium. Then, refashion the shambaa wrap shrug into a scarf and you are ready to hit the dance floor in style.

The sharmbaa wrap shrug invites you to collaborate in the creation of its looks -- all while feeling confidently beautiful in its sophisticated fabrics, elegant designs and ethereal drape. To see how the sharmbaa wrap shrug seamlessly blends utility, femininity and you, take a look at our current collection of lovely wrap shrugs, which come with a complimentary satin bag.

and the bride wore sharmbaa