You asked, we heard you - Coming Soon - POCKETS!

Once Upon a hazy, hot and humid NYC summer day...

It's a modern day dilemma: freezing cold air-conditioning inside, hot unbearable weather outside.

The inspired idea known as “sharmbaa Multi-shrug” came to designer ak Mojet while experiencing that very dilemma. In order to escape the heat, she went to go see a movie. While in the movie theater. ak draped a cardigan sweater and a scarf around her shoulders to ward off the chill of the air-conditioning. She absentmindedly played with the two fabrics As she draped, folded and wrapped the fabrics into style after style after style, she created an elegant solution for lightweight warmth on the go.  The solution is a compact and multifunctional garment that can journey from morning to evening, serving multiple purposes while offering multiple looks and experiences
In a world of single-purpose items, the sharmbaa Multi-shrug is a thoughtful design, one that allows the wearer to collaborate in the design by creating the looks that resonate with all the moving parts of her day. The combination of graceful design, sophisticated fabrics, and ethereal drape takes the rigorous practicality of sharmbaa designed clothing to a high-end couture elegant feeling, ensuring that confident beauty is an ever-present quality of each day.