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You're Not Chaka Khan: How to Stop Trying To Be Every Woman and Delegate

You're Not Chaka Khan: How to Stop Trying To Be Every Woman and Delegate  by J. René Brooks Can anybody forget the power, the soul, and the glamour that is Chaka Khan? She is truly magnificent from her hair down to that signature smile. Her voice can transport you to another place. Don’t believe me? Go listen to the Reading Rainbow theme song ( yes, that WAS Chaka Khan’s voice encouraging you to look in a book). One of my favorite songs in her catalog tells us that she is every woman. I dream of being that girl. I can do it all, I don’t bat a sweat or get tired or get discouraged. Everything, anything you want, I can do...

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Fashion on Film: Movie Review, Dior and I

We all know who Dior is. The ostensible “I” in the film Dior and I is Raf Simons. We are introduced to Simons, as he takes over the House of Dior in Paris as creative director in 2012. He hails from Jil Sander, where he had created austere minimalist menswear for the commercial market since 2005. In his new role at Dior, Simons is presented as the opposite of its founder: Simons is ready-to-wear to Dior’s couture, minimalist to the master's baroque style, modern to Dior's reactionary sensibility. How will the new leader of the house bear the weight of the huge tradition of Dior, yet infuse the line with his own vision? Will he be able to pull it off...

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6 Benefits of Being a Female Supervisor

6 Benefits of Being a Female Supervisor by Nicolle Lowery Over the last several decades, the landscape of employment has changed. Many positions that used to be designed for males are now open to the female population. This includes supervision, management, and ownership of companies. In fact, solo fempreneurs must wear all the hats in her company to keep the business up and running. Being a female no longer holds the same stigma it did – the hormonal, weeping woman, who sat in the corner wringing her drenched, lace handkerchief. The one who couldn't make a decision on which beau to dance with at the ball. Actually, that woman wasn't even allowed to pick the guy. The man had that...

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Fashion on Film: Movie Review: Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel

It’s easy for us to be “simply mad” about Diana Vreeland, because she was, in her own words, “simply mad about everything!” The inimitable spirit of the late fashion icon infuses every inch of the fashion documentary Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel.

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Best-Dressed Guest: What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

We love a fall wedding. The crisp in the air and the changing colors always puts us in the mood for love and inspires us to look as gorgeous as the season. Here’s what to consider to be the best-dressed guest at a fall wedding:

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