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What's A Girl to Wear? 5 Tips on Transitioning Summer Clothes to Fall

It’s that “not quite” time of year. While fall’s golden light and crisp winds aren’t yet here to stay, you can stick a fork in sun kissed walks on summer sands. The thermometer can’t commit to a season from day-to-day, hour-to-hour. In NYC, we find ourselves smack-dab in the middle of a September summer with temperatures in the middle 70s! So what’s a girl to wear? Here are some tips for transitioning clothing to fall and for this week, while not storing some of our summer favorites:

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5 Stylish, Eco-Friendly Clothing Tips

Dressing with an eye towards our image, as well as our conscience can seem daunting. Eco-friendly designs have had a long history of falling short on the fashion side of things (think tie-dye t-shirts, hemp ponchos and flip flops). That doesn’t mean we can’t make clothing choices that contribute to sustainability without compromising style. Here are some simple ways to think like a tree-hugger, while looking like a fashionista.

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Fashion Accessories: The “New” Essentials

Look in every woman’s closet and you’ll find a collection of accessories that are the key to creating her individual style. Sure, the specific pieces will vary to match each woman’s personal taste, but chances are the list of go-to accessories will be similar from wardrobe to wardrobe. Indeed, the essentials are so essential we could probably recite a list of accessories together. Say it with me...the scarf, a purse, pieces of jewelry, a watch, a belt.

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10 Air Travel Tips for a Stress-Free Flight

The sharmbaa brand celebrates stress-free and stylish travel, which may seem a challenge if you’re preparing for a long-haul flight to your travel destination. But, with a little planning and travel know-how, you can pull off a perfect landing of your own. Check out these 10 Air Travel Tips for a Stress-Free Flight from travel experts from around the web about how to make getting there by plane half the fun!

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How to Dress for Spring Weather

April weather just loves to dash the hopes of the eternal optimist. For a brief second, the warm sun peeks out from out from behind of the clouds and you’re a true believer: Spring is in the Air!” Not so fast! A strong breeze roars out of nowhere, reminding you that April is still in winter’s clutches.

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