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Fashion on Film: Movie Review, Chasing Beauty

The fashion documentary, Chasing Beauty, sets out to answer a big question, “What is beauty and is it worth the cost?” That’s a lot of ground to cover, so we dive right in with interviews with former supermodels, young model wanna-be’s, photographers, agents, beauty pageant judges, make-up artists, psychologists and plastic surgeons. All of them and more have a take on making it in the glamorous yet cutthroat industry of modeling and/or why beauty is the brass ring of our society today.

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A History of Women's Suits Part 2

The suit is the ultimate 20th-century symbol of the workplace. While we’re more likely to associate the look with men, the suit has a long history as a women’s wear category as well. What’s nearly ubiquitous about the woman’s suit is its ensemble of a jacket paired with a skirt or pants. What changes from generation to generation is how designers reinterpret the cut and style of the suit in order to reflect the pulse of an era. As Rebecca Arnold, professor of fashion history at London's Courtauld Institute of Art put it in a CNN Leading Woman article, "What you see from the 1920s onwards, is this negotiating of public space -- using dress to visualize the way women are...

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Fashion on Film: Movie Review, Advanced Style

Street-style blogger Ari Seth Cohen has an entourage of beauties. You’re likely picturing them as leggy models in the full blush of youth. In reality, the women in Cohen’s circle are all sixty plus. Seven of these geriatric fashionistas are profiled in the documentary Advanced Style, an upbeat, unpretentious documentary by filmmaker Lina Plioplyte that succeeds in shining a spotlight on a usually invisible class of people in the youth-obsessed world of fashion.

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5 Stylish, Eco-Friendly Clothing Tips

Dressing with an eye towards our image, as well as our conscience can seem daunting. Eco-friendly designs have had a long history of falling short on the fashion side of things (think tie-dye t-shirts, hemp ponchos and flip flops). That doesn’t mean we can’t make clothing choices that contribute to sustainability without compromising style. Here are some simple ways to think like a tree-hugger, while looking like a fashionista.

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5 Convertible Clothing Looks for Travel

Seasoned travellers agree that the best way to travel well is to travel light. A little extra time spent planning what clothing to bring goes a long way towards ensuring a stress-free trip. We recommend trying to hit the sweet spot between a minimal footprint in your suitcase and the maximum impact once you’ve reach your destination. That means packing with an eye towards pieces that mix and match, garments that are multi-functional, as well as looks that can be layered. Lately, we’ve been super inspired by the ways designers are combining form and function in the travel-wear category. So there’s no better time than the present to do a round-up of convertible clothing for travel:

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