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Fashion on Film: Movie Review, World’s Greatest Festivals: The Ultimate Guide to New York Fashion Week

The title World’s Greatest Festivals: The Ultimate Guide to New York Fashion Week is an overblown summary of what this fashion documentary is trying to be. It’s premise is two-fold: bring a slice of New York Fashion Week to the hoi polloi who couldn’t possibly get into the tents, and show that the celebrity-filled, party-going, paparazzi-posing scene surrounding fashion week is as crazy and rarified as one would expect.

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Fashion Week at a Glance

New York Fashion Week may be drawing to a close, but fashion week is far from over. London, Milan and Paris are the next stops on a fashion week itinerary that’s decidedly international in flavor. Called The “Big Four”, the events are held around the globe biannually in September and February. With the NYC leg of this September’s Fashion Week almost over, fashionistas have their bags packed and ready for more Spring/Summer ‘16 collections. Here’s what’s ahead:

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Fashion on Film: Movie Review, Dressed

Nary Manivong is a self-taught fashion designer trying to make it on a wing and a prayer to New York Fashion Week in the fashion documentary, Dressed. He has surmounted significant obstacles as a child, creating his first fashion collection as a teenager in his hometown, despite having been abandoned by his family at 14 and becoming homeless. Now, he finds himself faced with possibly an even bigger challenge: can he succeed in the cutthroat NYC fashion business where a designer is either “one order away from bankruptcy or mega-stardom”?  It’s a compelling premise for a film and Manivong is a worthy subject. You want to lean into the designer’s soft voice, and figure out whether it’s Zen or melancholy...

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The History of New York Fashion Week

Bring together the world’s top designers, celebrities, magazine editors, models and the generally glamorous and you’ve got New York Fashion Week. That amount of fabulousness in one place and time is surely only rivaled by a phenomenon like Cannes or the Oscars. So how did the stars align to create such a prestigious event? Here’s a look at the stylish evolution of New York Fashion Week:

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