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What's A Girl to Wear? 5 Tips on Transitioning Summer Clothes to Fall

It’s that “not quite” time of year. While fall’s golden light and crisp winds aren’t yet here to stay, you can stick a fork in sun kissed walks on summer sands. The thermometer can’t commit to a season from day-to-day, hour-to-hour. In NYC, we find ourselves smack-dab in the middle of a September summer with temperatures in the middle 70s! So what’s a girl to wear? Here are some tips for transitioning clothing to fall and for this week, while not storing some of our summer favorites:

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How to Dress Up Yoga Pants

Yoga Wear is everywhere. We’re as likely to see yoga pants in the studio as on the street this spring. Indeed “Athleisure”, as insiders call it, is a fashion category that’s on the move.  According to Barclays analysts the athletic apparel market in the United States is expected to increase by close to 50% by 2020, meaning more than $100 billion in retail sales.  That’s a whole lot of yoga pants! In just a few years, an item that was once reserved for sun salutations has become a wardrobe staple, a go-to piece that women grab each day to build an outfit around. The yoga pant is today’s equivalent of the jean a few years ago.

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Monday Muse: Photographer Erwin Blumenfeld

Erwin Blumenfeld (1897-1969) Claim to Vogue Fame: one of the most iconic covers in Vogue 's history in 1950 and in 1939, another iconic image appeared in Vogue        Erwin Blumenfeld was one of the highest-paid fashion photographers of the 1950s, working for Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. He used mirrors, veils, double exposure, solarisation, and sandwich printing. Blumenfeld’s images were never conventional: models’ heads were replicated, frames were split, mirroring devices were used, some features were accentuated over others. There was an element of the surreal to his portraits, and what’s really noticeable is how the glossy magazines of the day (Vogue, Harper's Bazaar) embraced his work. At the time, the beautifully composed image was everything. I need not say anymore,...

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Travel Tip Thursday: BBs (Best Buddy)

Whether planning a trip across town or across the country, remember to bring your sharmbaa Multi-Shrug       Does this happen to you when you're packing for a trip - your little dog jumps into the suitcase or your cat jumps on top of the suitcase? Do you wish you could bring them along...Well, these days, it's becoming easier and easier.I've never brought my cat or turtle on a trip with me but, I know some people who won't travel without their animal companion or BB (Best Buddy.) If you do travel with your BB, be sure to check with the airline about the requirements. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allows each airline to decide if they will allow you to travel with...

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Travel Tip Thursday : Get outta town!

Whether planning a trip across town or across the country, remember to bring your sharmbaa Multi-Shrug Does all the holiday hustle and bustle make you feel like you want to get outta town or even out of the country??!! If so, getting out of town might be a bit easier than getting out of the country since that requires a passport. If you don't have a passport, you'll need to get one and the average time it takes to get a passport is 4-5 weeks. However, if you want to give yourself the gift of travel outside of the states and you do have a passport, make sure that it's still current for the dates you'll be leaving and returning.    Below is...

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