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How to Dress Up Yoga Pants

Yoga Wear is everywhere. We’re as likely to see yoga pants in the studio as on the street this spring. Indeed “Athleisure”, as insiders call it, is a fashion category that’s on the move.  According to Barclays analysts the athletic apparel market in the United States is expected to increase by close to 50% by 2020, meaning more than $100 billion in retail sales.  That’s a whole lot of yoga pants! In just a few years, an item that was once reserved for sun salutations has become a wardrobe staple, a go-to piece that women grab each day to build an outfit around. The yoga pant is today’s equivalent of the jean a few years ago.

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Fashion Accessories: The “New” Essentials

Look in every woman’s closet and you’ll find a collection of accessories that are the key to creating her individual style. Sure, the specific pieces will vary to match each woman’s personal taste, but chances are the list of go-to accessories will be similar from wardrobe to wardrobe. Indeed, the essentials are so essential we could probably recite a list of accessories together. Say it with me...the scarf, a purse, pieces of jewelry, a watch, a belt.

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10 Air Travel Tips for a Stress-Free Flight

The sharmbaa brand celebrates stress-free and stylish travel, which may seem a challenge if you’re preparing for a long-haul flight to your travel destination. But, with a little planning and travel know-how, you can pull off a perfect landing of your own. Check out these 10 Air Travel Tips for a Stress-Free Flight from travel experts from around the web about how to make getting there by plane half the fun!

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Fashion Fit for a Ballerina

The sharmbaa company prides itself on being forward-thinking and feminine. That’s why we are excited to shine a spotlight on the future of ballet. Recently, The School of Ballet held their annual Winter Ball in New York City to support dancers who will one day be the premiere dancers on the world scene.  Manhattan’s elite, such as Chelsea Clinton, came together with  the dance community to raise millions of dollar for the school and its ballerinas-in-training. This impressive event deserves celebration, so we’re joining Vogue with a highlight on fashions that are fit for a ballerina. Vogue featured Marc Jacobs with a tulle and sequin mini-dress full of drama, while an Yves Saint Laurent midi-dress was elegance itself in broderie anglaise...

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