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5 Strategies for Healthy Employee Supervision

5 Strategies for Healthy Employee Supervision • Nicolle Lowrey In a recent meeting of administrative personnel, an intriguing question was posed. "How many of you were supervisors in this same capacity 10 years ago?" The answer was surprising. Less than 10%. What does this say about employee retention? Several decades ago, it was "normal" for an employee to begin on the ground floor of a company and stay until retirement; whether they promoted up through the ranks or not. That level of loyalty is no longer the "golden standard" of today's society. It is socially acceptable to job hop, to change positions within a company, or join a rival cooperation without public censure. Heck, it's probably more taboo to go from Smashbox makeup...

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4 Fashion Trends for Work

It used to be that a woman had to dress like a man to succeed in business. Femininity was banished from the boardroom as a sign of weakness. In the 80’s, the “power suit” was meant to communicate a singular vision: that women were just like one of the guys. Women donned the power suit like knights in shining armor, ready to conquer the corporation. And they did. Thanks to powerful women before us who fought the good fight, we no longer have to prove that we aren’t the weaker sex. We are professionals first...professionals who just happen to be women. We lead with our brains, accomplishments and talents, and let our clothes speak for themselves.

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