It's a Boardroom, Not A Bedroom: 4 Tips to Give Your Wardrobe the Once Over

Respectability politics take place all over the internet, in classrooms, and in the workplace. People everywhere want to determine what it takes to earn and keep respect. Unfortunately it seems like the majority of these so-called rules apply to women. Everybody wants to tell a woman what she can and can’t wear, what she can do for a living, and the best way to be a wife or mother. It becomes draining pretty darned quickly. Here’s the thing: respectability politics aside, there is a reason why we have standards for the way we do things. Especially in places where we will come into contact with the public, for instance: work. There are a bunch of really great reasons why you want to go ahead and put some extra shine on your wardrobe. Let’s discuss!

It's a Boardroom, Not A Bedroom: 4 Tips to Give Your Wardrobe the Once Over sharmbaa blog 

1 . This isn’t the place to bring sexy back

I’m not saying you have to dress like a dowd, but this isn’t the venue for you to seduce everyone who comes in contact with you. Be woman, roar all you want, but keep the skin to a minimum. There are a ton of fashionable but somewhat modest options that will still give you room to express yourself. Remember, it is a boardroom, not a bedroom.

2. Basic Grooming is a must

That means you should probably cut your hair neatly once in awhile, definitely keep your skin clean and clear as possible, and if it is your thing, polish your nails up. If you want to skip the polish, keep them trimmed neatly and clean. You don’t have to be the most girly girl in the room to be office appropriate, just don’t come in looking gnarly.

3. When shopping, choose quality over quantity

Choosing solid pieces for the office does not have to break your bank. What you want to do is slowly build a wardrobe over time, not try to max out your credit card in one trip. Hunt for clothing you love - choose high quality fabrics, great cut, and the appropriate silhouette for your figure. These are the main factors in telling the well dressed apart from those who aren’t as fashion forward. Of course, sharmbaa brand piece, worn as a Business Boleros is the recommend way to wear, when at the office. It gives you wonderful warmth as a scarf and elegantly & modestly shows off your curves when you sit or stand.

4. Borrow from the trends, but don’t look like a fashion victim

I know how badly you are itching for those purple highlights, and I understand, but you just can’t do that right now. This is a challenge you can have some fun with. What you are trying to do here is be as trendy as possible without going too far. Try a fun new lipstick color or a new bold shade of accessory. One of the best dressed women I ever encountered had what could be considered a plain wardrobe. Everything was solid separates. It sounds boring, no? Her secret? Accessories. With her collection of jewelry, scarves and shoes, she could transform every classic piece she owned into the perfect on trend attire.


These are really simple tips, and they are simple for a reason: they are mostly common sense. If you feel doubtful, find a friend who you trust that can help you with shopping, or styling. It never hurts to have a second pair of eyes. Before you know it, you’ll be the talk of the office for all of the right reasons.

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