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Autumn Weather: It's Unpredictable - Don't Get Caught with Hoodbutt

Ah, Autumn. Each year, it must rise victorious from the sunny, carefree days of summer days and turn us into layered hoodie sherpas, not knowing what the day will bring. Will it be hot? Will it be chilly? In this eternal battle between good and evil, one casualty is always left in its wake. Fashion is the innocent victim. Every autumn, humanity inevitably succumbs to the horrors of hoodbutt, a merciless condition that’s the nemesis of good style. In the annals of fashion don’ts, hoodbutt ranks high, alongside the polyester jumpsuit, fanny packs and spandex shorts paired with white slouchy socks.

Yet, what’s a gal to do? Hoodbutt happens so quickly!  We hardly see it coming!

In an instant, a gust of brisk wind or a change in temperature turns your trusty jacket into an enemy. One minute, you’re bundled up in a bulky, down jacket and wool scarf to avoid the Big Chill; the next broiling like Hades, trying to figure out how to tie a lump of goose feathers around our waist in a style that maintains a semblance of your usual fashion sense....And...repeat…

Just say no, ladies. There is a better way! The sharmbaa City Shawl to the rescue!

Blog Autumn Weather: It's Unpredictable - Don't Get Caught with Hoodbutt sharmbaa


 sharmbaa-city-shawl-just-say-no-to-hoodbutt       sharmbaa-city-shawl-just-say-no-to-hoodbutt

This singular piece transforms into seven looks and is ready for whatever weather is thrown its way. That’s certainly better than the superpowers of any Avenger, we think! The sharmbaa City Shawl is versatile, lightweight, portable and stylish. Wear it as a cover-up for an extra layer of warmth when the wind starts blowing some bad attitude. Then, change it into a scarf headband like Jennifer or thie it around your waist as a sash, like Gabby, when the thermometer rises to the occasion.

Consider the sharmbaa City Shawl your caped crusader (ah, it can be worn as a cape too!), a braver way to face the capricious elements. Think of it as your rock, faithfully moving with you through the uncertainty of your day and the unpredictability of spring’s ever-changing weather.

So sound the battle cry! Say it with me, fashion friends, “Hoodbutt No More!”

It’s a mission we don’t take lightly: protecting the world from the elements while looking fabulous. Join the revolution!


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