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How to Dress Your Age - Thirties

Tuesday Tidbits:

A woman’s personal style no longer has to be “age appropriate”. There are still a few fashion faux pas', but the rulebook has basically been thrown out. Such fashion freedom is news to celebrate!

But moving our fashion sense forward seamlessly along with our age can still seem challenging. Indeed, every decade of a woman's life has its pros and cons. We like Coco Chanel’s famous words, “You can be gorgeous at 20, charming at 40 and irresistible for the rest of your life.” In our series, How to Dress Your Age, we’ll take a look at how to embrace style and grace at any age.

Tuesday Tidbits: How to Dress Your Age - Thirties

When you’re a 30-Something:

DO: Channel your inner fashionista.

DO: Channel your inner fashionista. Unlike in your twenties, you’re likely to have honed in on your style personality, so feel free to follow it instead of the latest trends. A wise woman by the name of Jackie Onassis Kennedy once said, “You should wear the dress. The dress shouldn’t wear you.” Take her advice and dress with confidence.

DON’T: Feel obligated to hold onto all of the 20-something clothes that you have a sentimental attachment to. When you hit thirty, it’s time to do some pruning of your wardrobe. Hint: anything with an A & F label needs to go (we’ll give you a pass for Sunday in bed with obligatory mug of coffee).


DO: Start investing in high-quality, basic pieces to build a wardrobe around

DO: Start investing in high-quality, basic pieces to build a wardrobe around. They will stand the test of time like a good friend.

DON’T: Obsess about every little body flaw. We know it’s hard. We all have them. You are beautiful. Embrace the body you’re in, and start looking for the styles that make you look fabulous.


DO: Spend a bit on the right undies.

DO: Spend a bit on the right undies. And by “right” we don’t mean the ones that come off after a candlelit dinner for two. We mean the ones that really create the right foundation for the style that you’ve so carefully cultivated. If you’ve never been fitted for a bra, now’s the time.

DON’T: Wear clothes if your unsure if they’re age-appropriate. Your thirties can be a tricky time -- you’ve left the youthful days of your twenties, but haven’t quite established yourself like women in their forties. Sometimes that can mean you question your fashion sense. If you have to ask whether something skews either too young or too old, you have your answer. Ditch it and find something that makes you feel totally fabulous. It’s important that you feel great in what you wear.


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