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Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas

Consider the fact that when your hostess (or host) greets you at the door on Thanksgiving, she’s already clocked in tons of hours to make the celebration just so -- to-do lists have been made, check-out lines tackled, recipes prepped, table’s set, desserts’ cooling, the turkey’s been in the oven since the crack of dawn. In short, hosting a Thanksgiving feast is a huge undertaking! The last thing you want is for your gift to add to a hostess’s stress. Here’s how to show your gratitude for all her hard work (and make sure you get invited back next year):

Don’t: Bring flowers. While flowers may be well intentioned, they are the expected choice. But, more importantly, think about it -- your hostess is in the middle of making a gigantic feast. Now, she has to stop cooking to attend to your gift. She has to locate a vase and make an arrangement -- all while she’s probably worrying about whether the biscuits are burning or if the gravy will get started on time. You’ve just managed to bring a gift that creates more work for your hostess.

Instead: Bring something that’s easy for your hostess to graciously acknowledge but that doesn’t interrupt her timing. Consider giving something like a candle, which makes a lovely accent to the table and is ready to go with a single light of the match. Or your hostess can neatly put your gift to the side and save it for later.


Don’t: Bring a dessert. If your hostess isn’t expecting another dessert, she’s probably already got that part of the meal covered. Now, she has another dish to think about. And you really can’t win by bringing a dessert. If it isn’t that tasty, you’ve failed to bring a good gift. If it is, you run the risk of are committing the biggest faux pas of all -- showing up your hostess.

Instead: Ask ahead of time what dish your hostess would like you to bring. That way, she won’t have any duplicates and she’ll get to cross something off of her to-do list. Talk about a stress-relieving gift!


Don’t: Bring wine. Like flowers, it’s a well intentioned albeit cliche choice. But alcohol isn’t a gift that’s specifically for the hostess.

Instead: Bring something that shows the hostess she’s one of a kind and that you appreciate her efforts to make your holiday special. To this end, your gift doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving related at all. She deserves a chance to relax after the holiday is over. Think about bringing her a bath balm or a luxurious hand cream to take advantage of after she has pulled off the big meal.


Don’t: At least wine and dessert are consumable and flowers wilt. Don’t bring your hostess something she’s going to end up feeling guilty about throwing away anyway. Steer clear of novelty items like a hip wooden kitchen tool that no one knows how to use or a wine opener that she might already have in the cupboard.

Instead: Bring your hostess a sharmbaa wrap shrug that she will wear long after the holiday is over. Versatile and portable, it’s a singular piece that offers seven looks in one garment, meaning she’s covered no matter what the temperature or occasion. What could be better than bringing your hostess the gift of warmth on a holiday that’s the warmest of all? In the spirit of thanksgiving, the sharmbaa brand is offering 50% off on your next purchase. Just use the code THNX1115 at checkout by 11/18/15 to receive the discount.


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