How to Dress Your Age - Twenties

Tuesday Tidbits: 

A woman’s personal style no longer has to be “age appropriate”. There are still a few fashion faux pas, but the rulebook has basically been thrown out. Such fashion freedom is news to celebrate!

But moving our fashion sense forward seamlessly along with our age can still seem challenging. Indeed, every decade of a woman's life has its pros and cons. We like Coco Chanel’s famous words, “You can be gorgeous at 20, charming at 40 and irresistible for the rest of your life.” In our series, How to Dress Your Age we’ll take a look at how to embrace style and grace at any age.

When you’re a 20-Something:

DO: Show off your figure. You’re likely in the best shape of your life, so you win the award of “most likely to pull off wearing a potato sack”. We don’t literally mean wearing a potato sack, but feel free to experiment with all kinds of clothes. They should all look great on you.

DON’T: Show it all at once. Just because you have a great body doesn’t mean you should leave nothing to the imagination. It’s all about balance. Expose a shoulder with a pair of palazzo pants. Wear short shorts with high heels and a jacket.


DO: Pull off all kinds of styles and trends. When you’re in your twenties, it’s hip to be hip.

DON’T: Get stuck in the juniors section. You’re a grown-up now. Dress the part. You’re probably starting out in a career and want to be taken seriously. Cropped tops and sweats just don’t mean business.

DO: Feel free to experiment. It’s ok that might not know your style personality just yet. The only way to figure out is to try new things and have some fun along the way.

DON’T: Plaster your face with tons of makeup. Let your youthful glow shine. It won’t be there forever. Now’s the time to flaunt it. 

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