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How to Stay Warm & Look Fabulous on Halloween

Where’s a ghost, goblin or witch to find the most ghoul-friendly Halloween weather? Our very own New York City ties with Boston for the best place to hit the streets on Halloween night, according to a survey by Wallet Hub.

We all know that the weather can make or break Halloween. Remember mom keeping laser-like vision on the amount of mercury in the thermometer that day? With a single evil gesture, she could turn Wonder Woman into the Michelin Man, courtesy of the requisite bulky talisman of a coat to ward off even a hint of howling wind.

But have no fear if you find yourself in Winston-Salem, NC (the worst weather forecast in the nation) or NYC’s forecast isn’t living up to its wicked-good reputation this year. There’s a less dastardly way to ward off the long fingers of Halloween’s bony chill. Make sure your costume comes complete with the sharmbaa wrap shrug. Versatile and portable, it’s a singular piece that offers seven looks in one garment. For Halloween, we recommend a cape or elegant cardigan look to keep you warm and showcase your costume. Then, it stows away easily in your bag -- better than any Halloween treat!

 Cape Look 1: Butterfly Cape

  • Hold the garment so the sharmbaa tag is “right side up” and at the top of the collar.
  • Put one arm into the sleeve, up to your elbow. Put your other arm into the sleeve up to your other elbow and pull it up and onto your shoulders.
  • Cape Look 2: Cape with Turtleneck

    • Take the garment, so that the sharmbaa label is upside down and facing you.
    • Holding the sleeves, wrap the garment, like a cape, around your shoulders. The sleeves should be hanging down, like a scarf.
    • Take the sleeves, and pull them forward.
    • Cross them over in an “X”, and, pull the sleeves back behind your neck, crossing them over in an “X” again. Bring them forward and tuck them into the turtleneck you just made with the sleeves.


    Look 3: Elegant Cardigan

    • Hold the garment so that the sleeves are at the top and the cape fabric is draping down.
    • Slide each arm, up to your elbows, into the sleeves. Bring it up to cover your shoulders.

    For more ideas, check out our How to Wear video.


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