6 Benefits of Being a Female Supervisor

Over the last several decades, the landscape of employment has changed. Many positions that used to be designed for males are now open to the female population. This includes supervision, management, and ownership of companies. In fact, solo fempreneurs must wear all the hats in her company to keep the business up and running.

Being a female no longer holds the same stigma it did – the hormonal, weeping woman, who sat in the corner wringing her drenched, lace handkerchief. The one who couldn't make a decision on which beau to dance with at the ball.

Actually, that woman wasn't even allowed to pick the guy. The man had that privilege.

Women in today's marketplace can run the boardroom, the ballroom, raise babies, and operate a side business all in the same day. Now, that's badass.

A female supervisor comes with numerous advantages. Let's explore some!

6 Benefits of Being a Female Supervisor sharmbaa blog


6 Benefits of Being a Female Supervisor

  1. Multitasking – The most impressive feature of the female supervisor is her ability to multitask. Can she monitor her employees work, while answering a customer's product inquiry? Of course, she can. Years of practice listening and responding to her children's incessant demands while holding a conversation with her husband has prepared her for the downtown of working and supervising employees.
  2. Work/Life Balance – Female supervisors understand what it takes to balance both work and home life. They know that without tending to relationships and personal life people will become burned out and unproductive as employees. On the flip side, they've heard all the fabricated excuses in the world for why there is an empty carton of milk left in the refrigerator, so don't try to pull one over on her. She's pretending that she believes you to see how big a hole you're willing to dig. Don't lie!
  3. Work Engagement – In order to excel as a female employee and work herself into the ranks of management, females have generally become knowledgeable of the day-to-day operations of the company. It is likely that she did not rise to her position by being the CEO's golf buddy. She had to start at the bottom and become proficient in multiple areas before she advanced. This makes female supervisors great resources for their employees. In addition to this knowledge, she has the patience of Job. For God sakes, if she can teach her children to tie their shoes, she can show her employees how to import data into a spreadsheet.
  4. Approachable – In the past, being approachable was not considered to be an asset. Many a man lead through fear and intimidation. Did it work? Not always. If no one is willing to approach the boss, businesses can become dated and stagnant. Eventually this can lead to financial hardships. A female tends to not feel threatened by her employees bringing up innovative approaches to doing business. This can result in continuous growth and opportunity. Not to mention, hearing that your black panties are showing through your white linen pants is a little less creepy coming from a woman than trying to figure out how your male boss noticed when you've not seen him all day.
  5. Communication – Females tend to be less intimidating than their male counterparts, which again makes them more approachable. See #4. Being approachable allows communication to occur. It is also widely reported that females are more verbal than males. Just ask any mother with a daughter and a son. It's not reported; it's fact. Girls talk all the time! Women have an extensive vocabulary, take in what people are saying to them, and further, use their intuition, to gather additional facts that might not be spoken aloud by the employee. Trying to negotiate with a threenager over the art of wearing panties under a skirt without tears or bloodshed has sharpened her communication skills to a level that non-parents will never understand.
  6. Empathetic – This doesn't mean sympathy. The female supervisor does not have time to feel sorry for you. She's too busy feeling sorry for herself and the fact that she has to come to work to be able to use the restroom without an audience. However, she does have the ability to empathize with you. She can understand your pain, desires, and motivations. Having the ability to deeply understand other people allows her to encourage and inspire those that work with her.

Let's look forward to the coming years and the strides that females will continue to take as leaders in business and companies.

Happy Monday!



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