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Best-Dressed Guest: What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

We love a fall wedding. The crisp in the air and the changing colors always puts us in the mood for love and inspires us to look as gorgeous as the season. Here’s what to consider to be the best-dressed guest at a fall wedding:

best-dressed guest: what to wear to a fall wedding Sharmbaa Cosmopolis bolero


Best-Dressed Guest: What to Wear to a Fall Wedding


Black or navy is classic for a fall wedding, as are hues reminiscent of the season like earthy reds, burnt oranges or pale yellows. The fall color palette also gets deeper with rich jewel tones like burgundy, emerald or amethyst. Don’t think you need to stick to a single color though. Florals or prints make a fall fashion statement. Or warm up an ensemble up with a metallic accent. Try a gold-toned shoe, a scarf in bronze or a handbag in gunmetal grey.


The weight of the fabric of your dress depends on the weather. Earlier in the season, summer dresses in a fall or transitional color palette can be stunning. Or pick a lightweight fabric and add a pop of color that’s associated with fall. Perhaps, it’s scarf in plum or a deeper-toned cover-up. Later in the season, look luxurious in a dress in warmer, richer fabrics like satin, jacquard, silk or, even, velvet or cashmere.


Many of us assume that fall weddings mean longer sleeves or added length. In reality, any silhouette is fine to wear to a fall wedding, as long as your dress is seasonal in color and in a fabric that fits the weather. All that’s left is to get strategic about the cover-up for that strapless velvet number or the mini-dress in jacquard.


Fall weather can be notoriously tricky, which makes your choice of cover-up even more important. Why spend time putting together a head-turning ensemble only to have it overpowered by a puffy coat or to become a cliche with your dates’ bulky jacket draped around your shoulders? We recommend a cover-up that hits high marks both for its style and its functionality. The Sharmbaa Cocktail Cape looks great in hot and cold weather and transforms your outfit from day to night, from photo shoot to ceremony to festivities. Drape the Sharmbaa cape around your shoulders at the church for a little modesty. Tuck it away in your purse for pictures in the garden with a hint of sunlit shoulders. Wear it as a sleeved garment for cocktails in a chilly atrium. Then, refashion the Sharmbaa cape into a scarf and you are ready to hit the dance floor in style.

Valerie (on left) is wearing: Sharmbaa Cosmopolis Bolero in Espresso as a scarf at a fall wedding in Vermont. Valerie is a Travel Blogger, Valerie & Valise, who did a review of our Sharmbaa Cosmopolis Bolero. Check it out here: Traveling Fashion & Function with sharmbaa

best-dressed guest: what to wear to a fall wedding Sharmbaa Cosmopolis bolero




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