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Fashion on Film: Movie Trivia, Zoolander

Derek Zoolander might just be the hottest supermodel on earth. No one brings blue steel to the catwalk like he does. No one matches his unheard of longevity in the modeling industry. Just this spring, he and his compatriot, Hansel, took Paris Fashion Week by storm, stomping the runway and proving they’ve still got it 14 years after the release of their cult classic comedy, Zoolander, in 2001.

The world-renowned model aka Ben Stiller also came to Paris Fashion Week with a much-anticipated announcement. Rumors have been swirling on the inter webs for some time now about a Zoolander sequel. He made the movie sequel official with the kind of style that we’ve come to expect of the supermodel: on the runway of Maison Valentino as the likes of Anna Wintour watched on!

Swoon! We couldn’t be more excited! In anticipation of the sequel, we’re taking a look back at the movie that has a good laugh at the usually buttoned-up fashion industry. Cyberspace is chock-full of behind-the-scenes fun facts and trivia about Zoolander.  We’re rounding up the best of them today in honor of the great movie and the great man himself:

Did you know that:

Zoolander was banned in Malaysia because of the movie’s plot to assassinate the country’s dictator. The ban was eventually lifted. 

Critic Roger Ebert apologized to Ben Stiller for his scathing review of the film, while they were both backstage at The Tonight Show.

Ben Stiller wrote the part of Hansel with Owen Wilson in mind.

Andy Dick was originally intended to play Mugatu, but couldn’t because of schedule contacts.

In real life, Ben Stiller’s wife, Christine Taylor made fun of how Stiller combed his hair in the mirror, inspiring the “blue steel” look in the movie.

Owen Wilson wears a wig throughout the movie, while Will Ferrell’s hair is his own.

A commercial for the film was interrupted by the very first coverage of 9/11 on WNYW.

Whenever Hansel is seen with Mugatu, he says, “Hansel is so hot right now.”

David Duchovny’s riff to the question “Why male models?” in the cemetery was a total ad lib.

No, Owen Wilson is not a yo-yo aficionado. The tricks his character does in the yo-yo scene were performed by professional yo-yo artist, Steve Brown.

Mugatu is also a furry, white creature in a Star Trek episode.

Milla Jovovich crafted the role of Katinka Ingabogovinanana (say that three time fast) after her mother Galina Jovovich.

Owen Wilson’s line “Who you tryin’ to get crazy with ‘ese? Don’t you know I’m loco?” is an opening line of the song “Insane in the Brain” by Cypress Hill

Zoolander fans: Think you’re a Zoolander expert? Put your knowledge to the test with an online quiz about the film. 

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