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4 Fashion Trends for Work

It used to be that a woman had to dress like a man to succeed in business. Femininity was banished from the boardroom as a sign of weakness. In the 80’s, the “power suit” was meant to communicate a singular vision: that women were just like one of the guys. Women donned the power suit like knights in shining armor, ready to conquer the corporation.

And they did.

Thanks to powerful women before us who fought the good fight, we no longer have to prove that we aren’t the weaker sex. We are professionals first...professionals who just happen to be women. We lead with our brains, accomplishments and talents, and let our clothes speak for themselves.

Today, the rulebook has been thrown out of the office. Gone are professional looks that are cookie-cutter or stuffy and boring. Take a look at what’s trending for the workplace:

Feminine Flair: Now that we’ve gotten out from under the onerous weight of the power suit, women’s lib is all about the flirty and feminine. Once a major faux pas, flowy dresses in chiffon or knee-length, flirty skirts over silk blouses are worn with ballet flats and tiny jewelry. Pastels are in bloom everywhere from nails to skirts to tights. The style is so sweet, it’s hard to imagine that anyone would want to don shoulder pads the size of a quarterback from 9-5.

Glam it Up: Women want their wardrobe to go from the first meeting of the day to after dinner drinks under the stars. They’re choosing silky blouses worn over pencil skirts or long trousers in rich fabrics. They top off their look with bold, chunky jewelry and massive bags. The effect: a luxurious style that makes a statement both in and out of the office.

Downtown Chic: Thankfully, Dockers and Casual Fridays are a distant memory. But, today, women are dressing down in incredibly chic ways. The idea is clash styles to create visual interest. Women are mixing shapes, say putting a slouchy blouse and fitted pants together, or playing with masculine and feminine styling. They finish off their look with a singular piece that reflects their individuality, such as a funky, bold ring or a bag as unique as the woman carrying it. The style is urban, edgy and thoroughly modern.

Classic: Women are keeping their clothes simple by wearing what almost looks like a uniform. A rich cashmere sweater in grey, black and navy is worn over smart, fitted pants of the same or similar color. But here’s the twist. They pick a statement piece for each look to define their style. Maybe, it’s a stunning necklace or an elegant scarf or a pair of leopard pumps. As the saying goes, “God is in the details.”

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