Fashion on Film: Movie Review: Make it in America: Empowering Global Fashion

This Fourth of July weekend, we’re kicking off our Happy Birthday to the U.S.A. as an independent nation with a review of Make it in America: Empowering Global Fashion. Its subject is near and dear to our heart. The sharmbaa brand prides itself on being just that...made in America!

It’s our company's commitment to keep production of the sharmbaa brand in this country. We source our recycled fabrics from eco-friendly companies in America to be a beneficial presence on the planet. Our silks come from companies in NY and CA that have fair trade standards in place with their international mills. And 95% of our Comfy knit fabrics are made in Los Angeles and then, shipped carbon neutral directly to the New York City garment district. New York is where our patterns and clothing labels are created, and the garments are cut, sewn, stored and sold.

Both LA and NYC figure large in Make it in America’s lofty aspirations of: “Exploring the decline, evolution and reinvigoration of domestic fashion manufacturing in the U.S.A.” (the film’s subtitle). Unfortunately, the documentary doesn’t quite fulfill this grand promise. Most of these issues are presented without much depth. In the end, instead of feeling like we understood the landscape of fashion production in America today, we were left with more questions.

What the film is, though, is a good broad-strokes primer about US fashion production, its challenges and the people who are working towards its possible revival. Interviews with such industry leaders as Martha Stewart, Anna Sui, Andrew Rosen and Nanette Lepore paint a nostalgic picture of a vibrant manufacturing past filled with self-reliant American artisans. They ask the completely valid question of why that isn’t possible today and wonder how to make it a reality once again.

Although Make it in America doesn’t present us with fully satisfying answers, we, at the sharmbaa brand, graciously take on some of the questions that it asks. We have dedicated our time to research, research, research! We’ve reached out and educated ourselves about how to keep the chain of production on our shores, in order to create a strong American foundation for our collaborative company. We work exclusively with companies in America whose people, core values and work ethics mirror our brand philosophy. On this fourth of July weekend, we are proud to be part of the “Make it in America” movement!  

Available on Amazon, here's the trailer:

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