Green Weddings: 5 Tips for Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Weddings

It’s a nice day for a green wedding. Eco-friendly is the hippest trend in weddings this season. More and more brides are planning their big day with the party and the planet in mind. From sustainable wedding planners to organic caterers to upcycled bridal gowns, there are many ways to decrease the environmental footprint of your wedding without sacrificing its impact. 

Here are our top 5 tips for a sustainable, eco-friendly wedding:

Put a Ring On It

We’ve all heard about blood diamonds. But did you know that there are diamonds that are certified conflict free? Check out this guide from Amnesty International Or try vintage. Etsy makes it easier than ever to find a ring that’s right for you and the planet. 

Eco Invitations

This one’s a no-brainer. It’s easy to downsize on the amount of paper your wedding creates. Skip all of the inserts and extra tissue paper or send a simple postcard to make a statement that’s clean, minimalist and completely modern. Better yet, go paperless entirely by sending electronic invitations.

Local Location

We all know that eco-minded people put a premium on goods that are locally sourced. That maxim should apply to your wedding location as well. Before you decide where to hold your wedding, give a little thought to how much travel your guests will need to do to get there, as well as how they will get around during the wedding day. You might opt for a location to host both the ceremony and reception. Or skip the stretch limo and consider making a grand entrance on a zero-footprint bike instead ala Solange Knowles

Another thing to keep in mind is how much decorating the location will need. Pick an outdoor setting and let nature be your stylist. It’s easier on the earth and your budget.

It’s All About the Dress

You need a something borrowed in your wedding ensemble. Why not make it your gown? A sentimental choice: the dress your mom, grandma or a dear friend wore. Or, just like the ring, the wedding gown is another place where you there are some great vintage finds these days.  Remember you can always take a vintage gown to a tailor for a little restyling to make it uniquely yours too.

But If you have your heart set on a look that’s all your own, there are awesome earth-friendly wedding designers out there who are redefining eco-chic. Our picks are Minna or Deborah Lindquist for wedding gowns or the Lovely Collection of sharmbaa shrugs for bridal cover-ups.

Party Favors

According to a survey on Weddingbee, 72% of partygoers throw away their party favors unless they are edible. That’s our cue to recommend locally-made, organic chocolates as the party favor of choice. And extra tip: the higher the dark chocolate content, the healthier the treat. Win-win!

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