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5 Tips for Dressing for Graduation

Put on a graduation cap and gown and you tell the world that you’re smart, determined and ready to take on the world. It might not be the most flattering of fashion statement, but, luckily, there are plenty of other ways to get your glam on during commencement time. Here are some tips to make the most of your graduation day look:

Picture Perfect

Next to your wedding day, you probably won’t be in more pictures than at your graduation. There will be endless configurations of you with this relative, professor and friend of a friend to capture. Today’s not the day to skip the shower or run out of your favorite eye liner. Make sure you’re camera-ready by planning ahead and having everything you need. At the same time, it’s probably not the time to try out something new like an new elaborate updo. You want to look your best you -- which means you’re polished and prepared but comfortable and natural too.


Dress the Part

While you probably spent a lot of time in sweats and yoga pants during your studys on campus, graduation day’s the time to show the world that you’re ready for the next phase of your life. So be ready for the big reveal after you take off your cap and gown. Pick an outfit to wear underneath your gown that’s fun and celebratory, but shows the world the mature adult who you plan to become. 


Best Foot Forward

No one will be able to see what’s under your gown, but they will see your feet. Your shoes are the perfect place to infuse your look with some individuality. But they don’t call it a commencement walk for nothing, so make sure your shoes are comfortable too. You might even want to take new shoes for a spin or two to make sure they are broken in and that you are prepared for the long walk to pick up that much-deserved diploma.


Weather the Weather

Graduation is a long day, so make sure you’re prepared for whatever the weather throws your way. The weather may be different during commencement than when you’re parents are toasting you over lunch, and still different again, when you meet your friends for one last time on the campus quad. Layers can help you move through your day, so consider a cover-up. The sharmbaa shrug is a piece that offers great versatility for graduation day. It doubles as a cover-up and a shawl; a cape and a scarf. What’s so great about the sharmbaa shrug is that it invites each woman to collaborate in the creation of its look, making it perfect for all the graduation festivities you have planned, as well as any change in the weather.



Most of all, whatever you wear, remember that today is all about celebrating you. So let us be the first to say it…Congratulations, Grad! You did it!

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