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Fashion Accessories: The “New” Essentials

Look in every woman’s closet and you’ll find a collection of accessories that are the key to creating her individual style. Sure, the specific pieces will vary to match each woman’s personal taste, but chances are the list of go-to accessories will be similar from wardrobe to wardrobe. Indeed, the essentials are so essential we could probably recite a list of accessories together. Say it with me...the scarf, a purse, pieces of jewelry, a watch, a belt.

We agree on these accessories because they are perfect for mixing and matching to transform the basics in our closet for every mood and occasion. A good accessory is synonymous with versatility. And, if it’s versatility we are looking for, there’s another piece in a woman’s closet that is often overlooked, but is a “must have” on our accessories list.

We’re talking about the jacket. It’s time to start considering this piece as an accessory as well. The jacket has utility for pulling together an outfit or putting a touch of polish on a look that makes it the ultimate in versatility. A jacket with a leopard pattern can be worn over a simple black dress and transform your look from day to night. Layer a jacket over a hoodie for weekend errands and you are ready to go from hot to cold. Give that flirty, knee-length skirt a tomboy edge when you pair it with a blazer. Extend the life of a summer dress by throwing a jacket over it, and you have an updated look that’s perfect for fall.

There’s simply nothing like raiding the closet for accessories that will add breadth and depth to your wardrobe without spending a dime. And there’s also wisdom in investing in a high-quality, single piece that can multiply your style exponentially. We’ve found a garment so versatile that it goes beyond traditional classification altogether. The sharmbaa shrug is both a jacket and an accessory. In one garment, you have a cardigan, a tunic, a wrap, a shawl, a shrug, a belt and a sarong. It can be worn virtually anywhere or any time of the day and be paired with your favorite pieces. This rigorous practicality is combined with elegant design, sophisticated fabrics, and an ethereal drape making it perfect for expressing your personal style and mood. What makes the sharmbaa shrug so unique is that you collaborate in the creation of its look.

And who wouldn’t want to maximize the potential of a wardrobe so easily? With these accessory ideas, suddenly, your closet will seem filled with possibilities that you’d never imagined before.

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