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Colored Wedding Gowns: Trending for Non-Traditional Brides

Designers like Oscar de la Renta, Badgley Mischka and Vera Wang are serving up wedding gowns in frothy colors like champagne pink, butter-cream yellow and lime sherbet that are so delectable they beg the question “Why white anyway?”


History tells us that Queen Victoria of England was the first bride to walk down the aisle in white for her royal wedding to Prince Albert in 1840. Less than a decade later, Godey’s Lady’s Book, proclaimed white the most fitting color for a bride to wear on her big day. Today, the white wedding gown is so ubiquitous it’s hard to imagine a time before Queen Victoria when it was otherwise.

But gowns in a kaleidoscope of colors have us thinking about the possibility of breaking with tradition. It isn’t a stretch to picture the non-traditional bride expressing her personal style with a colored wedding gown. What could be a better way to make a wedding memorable than with a gown whose color is as unique as the bride herself?

Of course, there are many others ways to make a statement with your wedding look, while sticking with the traditional white gown. Look to the many cream or off-white options for a touch of individuality. Or try a white gown in a short, flirty style instead of the floor-length convention. Add colored tights underneath or shoes of a different hue. Accessorize your white look with a silk cover-up or sash in a pop of color from sharmbaa-- with the bonus of being able to take it on or off and immediately transform your look to match your mood and the festivities. Instead of wearing a veil, stud your hair with rhinestones hairclips or add peacock feathers to your flowing locks. Carry a bouquet of seashells or origami cranes. Consider your bridesmaids to be extension of your own wedding style. Have them choose their own dresses for a less matchy-matchy wedding party. 

Really, whether you choose to wear white or not, the point is that your wedding should be an expression of you. The colored wedding dress is just one example of how you can make sure your special day is an original -- just like you.

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