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10 Air Travel Tips for a Stress-Free Flight

The sharmbaa brand celebrates stress-free and stylish travel! That may seem a challenge if you’re preparing for a long-haul flight to your travel destination. But with a little planning and travel know-how, you can pull off a perfect landing of your own. Check out these air travel tips from travel experts around the web and make getting there half the fun!

    1. Pack smart and light. One carry-on means you can skip the check-in and be ready for your own takeoff once you reach your destination.  ABCnews
    2. Comfort rules. Lightweight layers keep you cozy in case the plane gets too hot or too cold. MarieClaire
    3. A scarf does triple duty. It’s easy to pack, can doubles as a blanket to ward off airplane chill and makes you immediately presentable once you get there. Fortune:Powerful Women
    4. Keep jetlag at bay. Set your watch to the time zone of your destination before you board the plane. Fortune: Powerful Women
    5. Got juice? Make sure all of your devices are ready to go the distance of your trip. Forbes
    6. Juice yourself too. Bring lemon water on the plane to stay hydrated. And save the alcohol for the hotel mini-bar. CN Traveler
    7. Airplane food just doesn’t fly. Bring granola bars or fruit on board to tie you over until your plane lands. Huffington Post
    8. Peace and quiet is in order. Eye masks, neck pillows and noise-reducing headphones are the key to resting easy in cramped airplane quarters. Huffington Post/ CN Traveler
    9. Hit the ground running. Book your ground transportation before you’ve gotten there. Boston Coach
    10. And our own travel tip rounds out the list -  Bring the perfect travel companion. The sharmbaa shrug is lightweight, compact and carry-on friendly. Versatile in design, it can be worn virtually anywhere or anytime and be paired with your favorite go-to travel pieces.

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