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Monday Muse: Photographer Mark Shaw

Mark Shaw is often remembered for his intimate portraits of Jackie and John F. Kennedy and for his work chronicling the world for Life magazine through the 1950s and 1960s. Or, his true-to-life, behind the scenes photos which was an assignment to photograph the young actress Audrey Hepburn during the filming of Paramount's movie, Sabrina. 

In the 1940's, Mark Shaw started off his career doing fashion photography for Harper's Bazaar and began acquiring advertising clients as well. He and fellow fashion and portrait photographer Richard Avedon contributed concurrently to a well-known, long-running ad campaign for Vanity Fair lingerie. Starting in 1951, Shaw contributed fashion images to Mademoiselle. Then 1952, Shaw became a freelance photographer for Life magazine and preferred freelancing throughout his career so that he could retain the rights to all of his work—a goal which he was able to achieve even with his most famous images.

One of his other freelancing gigs also included acting as a sort of go-between for Life and the Paris couture houses—none of which was more important at the time than Christian Dior. He was the first photographer to portray the Paris fashion collections backstage in color. Scroll down to see some of his most gorgeous color work from the book Dior Glamour, in which he captures the chic, unforgettable Dior look.

I first became a fan of this photographer's detailed eye when I discovered the image of 4 breathtaking shots (below) on the internet somewhere. Please take some time to look at these elegant, intimate, true-to-life, honest portraits through the artful eye of photographer Mark Shaw.



The next series of photos are from the Doir book




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