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Travel Tip Thursday: BBs (Best Buddy)

Whether planning a trip across town or across the country,
remember to bring your sharmbaa Multi-Shrug
Does this happen to you when you're packing for a trip - your little dog jumps into the suitcase or your cat jumps on top of the suitcase? Do you wish you could bring them along...Well, these days, it's becoming easier and easier.

I've never brought my cat or turtle on a trip with me but, I know some people who won't travel without their animal companion or BB (Best Buddy.) If you do travel with your BB, be sure to check with the airline about the requirements. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allows each airline to decide if they will allow you to travel with your pet in the passenger cabin. If an airline does allow you to bring your pet into the cabin, the FAA considers your pet container to be carry-on baggage and you must follow all carry on baggage rules:
  • Your pet container must be small enough to fit underneath the seat without blocking any person's path to the main aisle of the airplane.
  • Your pet container must be stowed properly before the last passenger entry door to the airplane is closed in order for the airplane to leave the gate.
  • Your pet container must remain properly stowed the entire time the airplane is moving on the airport surface, and for take off and landing.
  • You must follow flight attendant instructions regarding the proper stowage of your pet container.
More and more hotels are becoming "pet" friendly. Here's a website link, HotelGuide , of hotels and motels that will accommodate BBs. Another great resource is
Ariel is wearing her sharmbaa Unique multi-shrug
No need to concern yourself with having enough time for the security line. Ariel and her BB will breeze right through security with any one of the carriers listed below! 
Here's my top three choices for carriers:

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