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Travel Tip Thursday: Buy a souvenir book of your trip to a museum

Whether planning a trip across town or across the country,
remember to bring your sharmbaa Infinitude Shrug 
The Museum at FIT is my favorite free museum! I go there often - to be inspired and to admire the fabulous selection of designer clothes the museum has on exhibit. To be able see these gowns up close and personal is a true joy and many of them have never been exhibited in public. To be able to see the fabric, the attention to details, to discover the 'story' about the garment and the cultural significance is a gift. While the museum is free, picture taking is not allowed. The guards on duty are super good at reminding you "No Photos." However, if you can sketch, you can bring along your sketch book and sketch away! I can not sketch so, I will buy the book, Dance + FashionThis beautiful book explores for the first time the synergy between dance and fashion, and is an original and inspired contribution to the study of both art forms, just like the exhibit. I enjoy buying books of memorable exhibits since the photography is always better than I could do since the photographer has the ability to properly light and frame the art. And, often times, a book will contain information that will enrich and add another dimension to the experience.
Organized by the museum’s director, Dr. Valerie Steele, who also edited the book, and set in a dramatic mise-en-scène created by architect Kim Ackert, Dance & Fashion is a stunning exploration of the relationship between these two embodied art forms. The exhibition features nearly 100 dance costumes and dance-inspired fashions, ranging from the 19th century to the present. This exhibit runs from September 13, 2014 – January 3, 2015. I plan on visiting at least one more time! 
 Ariel is wearing the sharmbaa Unique as a sarong

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