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Monday Muse: the Bengal Cat

Bengal Kitten 

I have always loved and I have always been inspired by cats. 
One of my favorite things to see is a cat lying in the sunshine - just the thought of it makes me smile :) Another thing I love about a cat is hearing a cat purr! The way a cat moves inspires me and watching it jump up to six times its own height, without running! Incredible. I enjoy the way a cat can be social and then, be totally off in it's own world. Some cats are chatty and try to communicate. Others are more solo and like to practice their singing skills in the bathroom. And, when they come visit you, they come up just close enough you can almost pet them... But don't try 'cause they'll run away lickitty split! Sometimes, the cat will only want to come hang out when you have work to do on your laptop and the second you've given up that you will get no work done, they are off to go jump on top of the fridge! Or, if you have paperwork to do, they will roll around all over your papers until you pay attention to them and not the paperwork. And then,when a cat wants a snack or to be fed, she's your best friend and will snuggle up and purr for you. Sometimes, when you are feeling really sad, they come jump up on you and take a nap on your belly. Or, they will rub up against you and lick your hand.
I don't have a cat in my life now and I'm looking forward to getting a Bengal Cat as soon as the opportunity arises. My vivid imagination has me and my Bengal Cat going for a walk through Central Park. I would put her on a leash and she would wear little booties to keep her feet clean. 
I've included a link from the tv show, Cats 101,on Animal Planet, to  let you learn a bit more about the Bengal Cat.

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