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Monday Muses : Cello, MoMA and film

MoMA - Oct. 23, 2014

Last week, I had NYC as my muse & the picture I led off with was what I entitled "Subway Cello". That photo expresses what I love about NYC - the harmonic symphony that shows up in the city playing the creative beat that is the pulse of the city.

This week, the cello theme continues... I was looking through the film showings at MoMA and was pleasantly surprised to see a 3 film short series by Bill Morrison with live Cello accompaniment by Maya Beiser  I am so grateful for the incredibly curated film evens at MoMA. In fact, starting December 3, 2014, MoMA will be having a  comprehensive career retrospective of Robert Altman films! I'll be there :) I'm also loving the synchronicity of what art awareness and appreciation of life brings. 

Howard Vega, my friend and creative collaborator, and I went to the 1 hour live performance event, on a rainy Thursday evening. It was an evening of connectivity and appreciation. The textures and light of the films, the live cello music and the vibration of the subway under the MoMA theater created an evening of fulfilling artistic inspiration!  

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