Travel Tip Thursday : Time to "Fall" Back and travel through time

Whether planning a trip across town or across the country,
remember to bring your sharmbaa Infinitude Shrug

Throughout most of the United States, we observe Daylight Savings Time. Here in New York, it occurs on Sunday Nov.2, 2014 at 2am. However, if you are traveling to places where time doesn't change, I thought the map above would be helpful. And, I also thought the map above was a fun and easy way to see how "Daylight Savings Time" works throughout our world...

If you'd like to be a time traveler, by staying in just one place, get yourself to one of the locations on the map that is blue. What do you intend to do with the "Extra" hour? I'm going to put on my sharmbaa Unique shrug and work on designing the new Cozy Collection of Italian wool knit Maxi shrugs. 

Ariel is wearing the sharmbaa Unique infinitude shrug 

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