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5 Ways to Dress Up Yoga Pants

Yoga Wear is everywhere. We’re as likely to see yoga pants in the studio as on the street this season. Indeed, Athleisure is a fashion category that’s on the move. According to Barclays analysts the athletic apparel market in the United States is expected to increase by close to 50% by 2020, meaning more than $100 billion in retail sales. 

That’s a whole lot of yoga pants! In just a few years, an item that was once reserved for sun salutations has become a wardrobe staple, a go-to piece that women grab each day to build an outfit around. The yoga pant is today’s equivalent of the jean a few years ago.

According to Wall Street Retail Analyst Wendy Liebmann, the consumer is driving this trend. Women are looking for a one-two punch of comfort and versatility in their clothes with the freedom to go from home to the gym to out on the town. Consider the yoga pant a reflection of the active and casual lifestyle we all lead these days.

When top designers like Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney and Alexander Wang launch activewear lines, you know that the tracksuit is a thing of the past. They are offering chic designs and luxurious fabrics that mean you’ll be comfortable and fashionable in the latest styles of yoga wear.

Here’s how to rock the yoga wear trend:

1 - Bring a Cover-up: The cool thing about yoga pants is that they move with you through your active day. Make sure you have a cover-up, like the sharmbaa shrug, that does the same. Use it as an extra layer when it’s cold or as a finishing touch to any outfit. Then, its compact design makes it small enough to stow away in a bag.

2 - Consider the Silhouette: Yoga pants offer a sleek look. Create visual interest by playing with shapes. Pair your yoga pants with a blousy top, unstructured jacket or a long tunic.

3 - The Bottom Line: You don’t have to stick with athletic shoes with activewear these days. Dress up slim, tapered leggings with a flirty pair of ballet flats. Or look downtown casual with a pair of chunky boots over cuffed pants with a drawstring.

4 - Add a Scarf: Yoga pants are minimalist by design. Throw a scarf over your outfit and add texture, color, pattern and depth to your look. Again, you can bring along your sharmbaa shrug and wear it as a scarf.

5 - Know When to Say No: The key to pulling off the yoga wear trend is to know when and how to wear it. Try not to be that woman who’s forgotten that we can see her undergarments through her yoga pants. Or the one who wears them to a board meeting over running shoes. The smart woman knows that the yoga wear trend does have its limitations. So remember that yoga wear looks best when worn thoughtfully, fashionistas!


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