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It's a Boardroom, Not A Bedroom: 4 Tips to Give Your Wardrobe the Once Over

Respectability politics take place all over the internet, in classrooms, and in the workplace. People everywhere want to determine what it takes to earn and keep respect. Unfortunately it seems like the majority of these so-called rules apply to women. Everybody wants to tell a woman what she can and can’t wear, what she can do for a living, and the best way to be a wife or mother. It becomes draining pretty darned quickly. Here’s the thing: respectability politics aside, there is a reason why we have standards for the way we do things. Especially in places where we will come into contact with the public, for instance: work. There are a bunch of really great reasons why you want to...

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3 Tips for Getting Dressed for Work - At Home

3 Tips for Getting Dressed for Work - At Home by J. René Brooks  So you’ve decided to work from home? Congratulations, welcome to the wonderful world of being your own boss. There is so much freedom in being able to wake up when you want, go to sleep when you want, and of course - wear what you want. The challenge in all of this is this: you will be tempted, at first, to live your entire life in sweatpants. I get that, completely. You’re sitting at the house, you want to be comfortable, you’re thinking that those yoga pants and tee will be just the thing to keep you in the zone. . . or is it? Is there...

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Respecting Your Time As A Business Woman

Respecting Your Time As A Business Woman by J. René Brooks Much like charity, self-respect begins at home. We can preach all we want to about how we expect to be treated by others but rarely do those expectations extend to the way we treat ourselves. Believe me, people are watching and they can see the double standard plain as day. One of the major ways we as women disrespect ourselves is by not valuing our time the same way that we value other people’s time. Remember, ladies: time is money. Take a few steps towards respecting your very valuable time as a business woman.

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Fashion Friday: Fashion is Kale at MoMA

Wow!!! What an amazing opportunity to spend a day immersed in fashion! I spent Thursday, October 19, 2017 at the Museum of Modern Art at the day long event called "Fashion is Kale." I had received an email newsletter last week from the Emerging Designer in which this event was listed.  "In conjunction with Items: Is Fashion Modern?, this event features presenters from a diverse range of perspectives whose often-hidden roles are critical in shaping the contemporary fashion industry. Inspired by Fashion Is Spinach, a well-known book by Elizabeth Hawes published in 1938 and an insider’s critique of the fashion scene, this program provides insight into the ways in which fashion items are designed, manufactured, marketed, distributed, worn, and discarded today, by listening...

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Workshop Wednesday SWIMLESSONS by UMBFashion Part 1

Hello and welcome to the very first Workshop Wednesday here at the sharmbaa blog! I was inspired to create this blog after attending this amazing daylong SWIMLESSONS event presented by UBM Fashion and held at Parsons School of Design. And sure, living in NYC, I’ve been to lots of other learning sessions, but there was something truly fantabulous about this event that inspired me to WANT to write a blog specifically about the wonderful opportunities NYC provides for me as an indie designer and share them with you. So, are you ready? Let’s dive in!  

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